Placing the Independent Agent first

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Text Box: Primary Limits up to $5,000,000 
Medical Payments Coverage - 
$5,000 Limit 
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Text Box: Professional Liability 
Clerical Liability Available
Dwellings occupied full time by pastor or clerical staff
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Replacement Cost or ACV 
Business Income 
Equipment Breakdown 
Outside Signs
Property Extension Coverage—available
Ordinance of Law

Text Box: Churches provide a place for the congregation to assemble for religious services,  educational and social activities and otherwise  tending to the religious and other needs of the members of the church. Day care centers or nursery schools for young children, before- and after-school activities for older children may be offered.. Separately rate those activities the church  sponsors for fund raising including bake sales,  carnivals, bazaars, craft shows, sponsored meals and day care for money.
 Day care provided for babies and small children during church services for which no charge is made is included. In addition to the church or worship house, the premises may include a social house, a youth center, a storage building, a school, and a cemetery
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