Placing the Independent Agent first

Text Box: Product Detail
Text Box: Primary Limits up to $5,000,000 
Medical Payments Coverage - 
$5,000 Limit 
Text Box: Liability Coverage
Text Box: Optional Coverage
Text Box: Basic, Broad or Special Form 
Replacement Cost or ACV 
Business Income 
Equipment Breakdown 
Outside Signs
Property Extension Coverage—available
Text Box: Apartments:
This classification applies to owners or lessors of buildings which are used for residential occupancies, regardless of the fact whether the premises are partially occupied by the owner of the building or entirely by others. Apartments are normally rented out on a month-to-month basis or on an annual basis with a rental or lease agreement between the tenant and the building owner.
Single—Duplex-Triplex- Fourplex
You can schedule multiple units on one package policy.
Bed & Breakfast: Boarding or rooming houses are distinguished from Bed and Breakfasts as the Bed and Breakfast will quote daily, weekly, or monthly rates which
 will include both the room accommodations and 
Text Box: Property Coverage
Text Box: Apartments , Dwellings , Bed and breakfast
Text Box: Parking Lots
Swimming Pools
Laundry Rooms
Storage Buildings
Restaurants where a separate charge applies—add a class to the package to cover the exposure